Parts List

Parts For The Drive System

CL60-K1 #60 K-1 Attachment Connecting Link x2.

RC60-1R-W/K1EV2OP-10FT #60 Roller Chain With K1 Attachment Link Every 2nd Pitch X 10F (Outside Links) x2.

RC35-1R-10FT #35-1R X 10FT Standard Roller Chain x1.

CL35 Standard Connecting Link 35-1 (Master Link) x2.

35A30 35A30 Type A Plate Sprocket 1/2" Bore x4.

35B10-1/2 35B10 1/2" Finished Bore Sprocket (35BS10H-1/2) (No Keyway) x4.

1SC-050 1/2" ID x 1-1/8" OD x 13/32" Width Single Split - Black Oxide Finish x12.

BSC-062 5/8" Bore x 1-1/8" OD x 1/2" Width Solid Collar - Black Oxide Finish x4.

1-1981-12 60W12B 60 PITCH 12 TOOTH SPROCKET for weld on hubs x8.

1-1981-20 60X20B 60 PITCH 20 TOOTH SPROCKET for weld on hubs x4.

1-1981-28 60X28B 60 PITCH 28 TOOTH SPROCKET for weld on hubs x4.

1-2982-50-3 1/2" X 36" KEYED SHAFTING x2.

1-2982-62-3 5/8" X 36" KEYED SHAFTING x1.

BG6202-062-2RS 6202-5/8-2RS DGB Bearing x4.

BG6202-1/2-2RS 6202-1/2-2RS Bearing x12.

NPC-2212 12v Motor (285 RPM, 21:1 gear ratio, 1/8″key slot, double 1/2″ output shaft) x2.

Steel tread plates, 190.5mm long x 36mm wide x 1.6mm Thick x64.

m16 Threaded rod and nuts.

Parts For The Eyes

x2 NIBCO 3x2 5801R 3X2 HXH REDUCING COUPLING ABS UPC: 039923201324 I009800.

x2 NIBCO 2x1-1/2 58012F 2X11/2 SPGXH FLUSH BUSHING ABS UPC: 039923197603 I015300.

x2 LASCO D-2466 PVC 1 COUPLING 1-1/2" x 1" SCH-40.

x2 Marley 150.80 Optim Dwv Sanitary Vent Cowl uPVC 80mm.